Sunday, March 21, 2010


Background contains rationale or why the topic is important.
There are many method to make a background, and one of them is “spiderreason”.
What is that? I will not explain what it is, but I will give you the example. (and then you conclude, what is “spiderreason”)
Firstly, you must have a topic. Here I will take the topic “Using Facebook as the online media in learning English”. (very simple topic, but interesting! Ouh yah, this is not my own topic…I get it from a great friend in when we are in a writing class)
I have said that background contains rational or why it is important. So, why facebook can be the online media in learning English? How is the relationship? What are the reasons?
Now, we will make a spiderreason. From the topic, find as much as possible the reason (but of course it is not until 100 reason! :-)
For example:

1. FB is the most popular social networking media and easily accessible
2. the majority of students can operate and have FB account
3. it is easier to share idea and information with the “friends”
4. theories and previous researches show that practicing the language develop skills
5. there are features that enable students to communicate with English native speaker
6. the majority of students use English as the default language of their FB
7. from my experience and small interview with my friends, I learn that FB is fun

After you have got the reason, then, decide which reason has closer relation to the topic and rationalize it; relates it.

1. Learning language needs practice
FB enable students to practice communicating in English with friends and native speaker (refer to 4,6, and 3 reason above)
2. Pedagogical principle of language states that fun learning help the acquisition of language (refer to the last reason above)
3. Features in FB provide rooms for the students to use their English in two ways communication, between writer and reader
Then, choose the rational above to be included to the background. If you think that all of them are necessary to be included, so, include them. If not, do not do it.
And the last, f you have more than one rational, then arrange the order; which one must be in the first, second and so on.

Notes: how if the reader do not know FB? How if they ask what FB is? Must we explain it in the background? Is it necessary to be explained?
Necessary? maybe yes, maybe no. if you think that it is important to be explained, do not put it in the background, you can put it in data analysis, introduction, or better in literature review.

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